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Qualification profiles of BioProMoTION graduates

The qualification profile of the IK graduates will comprise comprehensive knowledge and skills in multiple scientific fields that is generally applicable in their future career, with particular emphasis on the ability to facilitate collaborative interdisciplinary research programs.

Graduating students will be taught

  • basic knowledge in cell biology, including cellular signaling, structures and function, cultivation of cells, cell-based test systems, etc.

  • principles of bioactivity profiling, including elucidation of molecular mechanisms, establishing structure-activity relationships and in silico models for prediction of ADMET properties, development of suitable biomarkers for subsequent in vivo studies, and crucial aspects of bioavailability and metabolism.

  • metabolism and its implications for bioactivity.

  • isolation and characterization of compounds by separation techniques and hyphenation with mass spectrometry and NMR spectrometry.

  • basic principles of pharmacokinetics and human intervention studies.

  • hands-on experience in the major bioanalytical, biochemical, molecular and cell biological methods.

Students will be able to design and perform appropriate experiments in order to answer scientific questions, to process and analyze primary experimental data, to critically interpret their results in the context of the literature, to communicate their data in oral and written presentations and to pass on their experience to young investigators/fellows.

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